Do you know that driving over 100 mph can already be considered as a felony? A lot of people are not aware of this so they continue to speed up even if they know the legal speed limit of the street or highway.

When you are charged with a felony offense, what happens to you? People who are not familiar with the law may take things lightly. They assume that just because “it is just speeding,” nothing bad will come out of being caught.

Speeding can be considered under different categorizations. It can be either a misdemeanor or a felony. It will depend on the different circumstances regarding when the speeding occurred. These are some of the factors that will affect the categorization:

  • The speeding law of your state – This can vary from one state to another.
  • The offense itself. Is it your first offense or is it your second?
  • If you had passengers with you when you did speeding.
  • If the speeding caused an accident
  • You may be driving recklessly and this has caused you to speed up.

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The more factors that are stacked up against you, the harder it will be for you to get out of your speeding case without traffic ticket lawyers. Sometimes, even with the help of a lawyer, it will be hard to make the most out of your case because of all the things that went wrong. It is best to know more about speeding in general so you will become more careful in checking out the speed limit.

Some Common Speeding Penalties

Sometimes it is enough to know the various penalties so that you will be discouraged from speeding and doing other traffic violations. You do not want to rely on your ticket attorney orange county all the time, right? The penalties will vary from one place to another but these are some of the common penalties that you have to know:

  • You need to pay a fine minimum of $500.
  • There are some people who would need to spend a few hours or days in jail.
  • You will get some points on your license ranging from 2 to 4.
  • Your license may get suspended for up to 6 months.
  • You will be required to undergo a driver’s education class

Speeding may be considered an infraction in the beginning but if you repeatedly get caught in it, this can increase your chances of getting more serious penalties and fines. Speeding can become considered a felony especially if this is not the first time that you were caught doing it.

It will be harder for you to fight speeding tickets and to assure the court that you will never do speeding again. You will most likely get the full, maximum penalty because of the new offense that you have made. When your insurance company learns that you have been charged with excessive speeding, you can already expect that there are more fees that you need to pay.