The main reason why most people choose to cleanse themselves thoroughly is due to the typical scenario in which employers will conduct pre-employment drug screenings so that they can narrow the search and find the best employee that will fit their description.

You won’t be able to see too much drug addicts queuing up for a job interview, but the common understanding nowadays is that weed is not a drug, not in a sense when compared with crack, cocaine or heroin.

But still, even if you are a casual pot smoker, you won’t be able to start working your dream job if you are confident to tests and that is a fact. People all across the USA enjoy smoking weed,and that is one of the most popular “drug” that most people consumed once or do it occasionally.

The usage is not only limited to recreational use because some states allowed medicinal marijuana consumption as the alternative to harmful pharmaceuticals that are causing even more significant issues when it comes to addiction and abuse. If you wish to learn on passing a urinalysis and other tests as well, you should check out this link: and you will be able to help yourself before it’s too late.

Even though weed is legal in some states in the USA and entire Canada, the federal US government still requires mandatory drug tests as part of the federal program. Therefore, even if it is legal to consume weed in your state, when you fail a test you will lose a job,and that is a fact.

So, what should you do to avoid being caught with substances in your urine?

A Brief Explanation of Weed Metabolism

It is essential to start by understanding everything about weed and how long it stays in your system and how it manages to do so in the first place. The main ingredient which is responsible for providing you the high efficiency in weed is THC.

As soon as it reaches the liver, it breaks down into its metabolite THC-COOH which is a compound that most tests will look for in your urine. The level of this particular metabolite depends on numerous factors such as the amount of drug and frequency of usage.

The other factors that are important also are body fat levels and weight so that you can determine how difficult or simple it is to clean the system by using natural methods such as diet and workout.

The estimations state that THC metabolites will remain up to four days in urine in case you are one-time user. So if it is your first time to take a puff, you will be able to flush it out of your system in four days.

However, for frequent users, it can stay in your system between ten days and up to eight weeks. In most extreme cases, THC metabolites can stay in blood up to 16 weeks after consumption. However, this will only happen if you are smoking regularly and every single day.

The simplest way to beat a drug test it is to stop smoking at least a month before a test.

However, the real-life tells us that employer will not provide you this time range so that you can cleanse yourself, and in most situations everything you’ll get are information about a drug test that will happen in a week.

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Urine Drug Test

The most common drug test that employers will make you pass is urinalysis, and in 75% cases, you will have to undergo it to become a part of the job. However, there are also chances that you will have to undergo a hair follicle drug test, mainly if you work in federal offices.

The employer will most likely use a third-party lab that will perform the test on their behalf, and you will get an address, the type of analysis and schedules time when you have to be in the lab. Of course, everything depends on the kind of analysis you have to pass, but there are ways to beat it.

Since urine drug test is the most common one, we will present you ways how to pass it with ease:

How To Pass A Urine Drug Test

Similarly, as the name suggests, the lab will test the sample of your urine for weed metabolites that we’ve mentioned above.

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The main benefit of this particular type of testing is that there are numerous ways to pass it, cheat it,and we will present you the most efficient ways:

  • Synthetic Urine – It is useless to try to pass a drug test that you will get in a few days if you are a frequent user, so do not even try it. The best way to help yourself is to find synthetic urine that will help you along the way. It features chemical compounds that make it look, feel and smell like urine, and since it features both inorganic and organic compounds inside such as ammonia and creatinine, it will be challenging for labs to notice that you are tampering with the results. The most important part is to find a way to maintain the temperature that should match the urine excreted from your body. We are talking about temperature between 94 and 96 degrees F. Most labs won’t accept urine which is below these numbers, because there are risks that you are faking the sample that way. Most of them feature a built-in warming pad and thermometer as well as heat activator powder, which will allow you to maintain the temperature of urine.
  • Detox Drinks – These drinks are specially made to help you mask and flush drug metabolites within your body so that your urine could be decisive. Usually, detox drinks will stop THC metabolites to enter the urine for some limited time, and that is the best option if you have a random and short notice drug test. However, it is essential to conduct comprehensive research so that you can find the best detox drink possible because numerous frauds and hoaxes will take money out of your pockets without help.

Note: In both cases that we’ve mentioned above, you will have to understand that there are certain risks that you will still fail the test.