The pizza was great in the eighties and nineties. It became a popular takeaway when Domino started delivering pizza with a large phone on the roof of his cars. It may have been the growing and popular food of those decades, but when it comes to Naughty (2000s), you cannot beat a good gourmet pizza!

Economic recession pizza

Economic indicators cannot be ignored. All over the world, especially, pizza is a real comfort for all of us, even (perhaps, especially) in our difficult times. When the economic recession hit, global industries suffered and the fast food industry flourished. Remove the pizza, especially the withdrawal, and now it seems that we eat comfortably out of recession.

gourmet quality pizza

Where we turn to feel good

When the economy begins to rotate, there are always industries that continue to grow. Handcarft Pizza Store and pizza delivery is one of them. While expensive luxury began to fluctuate, and most people generally declined, the pizza industry showed good results, according to an article published in Morning Herald in March. Considered as an “affordable treatment”, the world is turning more and more to his favorite food in these difficult economic times, and pizza is one of our last small pleasures available. In January of last year, sales of take-away products increased by more than 11% compared to the previous year, and by mid-year, Domino’s reported a real increase in pizza sales by almost 3%. In fact, Domino was hiring, while others were firing, just to satisfy the need of the people who delivered the pizza.

What to eat with your gourmet pizza.

What do we like about our gourmet pizza? But, of course, good, cold beer, the brewing industry has grown along with the gourmet quality pizza delivery scenario, with earnings growth of more than 2% per quarter and more than 411 million dollars in profits during the semester for Foster’s, which is estimated to have a 52% share % of the beer market.

When times are difficult

When times are difficult, difficult times continue, as this statistic easily shows. It does not matter if you cut your budget. A few smaller nights in the city will not matter. You still have good food, good friends and a relaxing beer or wine at home. It seems to me that some products will always be popular, and a good gourmet pizza is one of the strong contenders that stay here for a long time!