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Inside these metal detectors, you can find a circular base with a large transmitter coil and a small receiver coil. While the metal detector is started and as sweeping begins, the electricity from the detector battery goes directly into the outer transmitter coil which will create a ground-penetrating electromagnetic field. While a metal object receives this electromagnetic charge, the detector’s transmitter will become animated at an atomic level and will produce a kind of magnetic glow that forms around that metal object. As this transmitter becomes animated from a metallic object in the ground, the small receiver coil present in the detector starts working by checking for any change in the charged ground’s magnetic field. As this second magnetic current is sent out from the metal object, it reacts to the transmitter coil’s energy, the magnetic polarity change is detected and then finally the signal is transmitted to the loudspeaker using a tone that is based on the strengths and characteristics of the charged metal.

metal detector

This process can be done perfectly only if all the parts present in the detector are working to detect the metal you are searching for. Tenrows website provides you detailed guides on metal detectors and also helps you to pick best working metal detector for the metal you are going to be searching for. Here you can find the newest metal detector models along with their placeholder images and reviews.

The main motto of this website is to break everything down in real terms, so you have a much better idea of which metal detector is best for you! Every metal detector that tenrows website has collected and reviewed came with an explanation of metal detecting etiquette in the instruction manual. It is very vital to go treasure hunting safely, respectfully and mainly legally. If you do find anything interesting buried underground, make sure to refill any holes you dig in the process and never destroy or damage any natural resources.