The 3D printers are generally in the long list of the expensive items in many manners probably the supply it provides. But the fact is a lot of the common mass want to experiment with the new stuff around and is also driving away for the new employment around. Hence depending on the market, the product has gone down to a considerable price. If you are a new beginner in the matter of the 3D designing then the 3D printers are a perfect choice as it is good to have a practice before taking the expensive one.


To get along the cheaper product is nothing wrong unless it is not forcing you to compromise with the features. If you verify all the features and if they are impressive then it would be foolishness of not giving them a try. the expensive products are good in no doubt and it is always preferred but the cheaper products will be not up to the mark, this misconception can be cleared by viewing the features of the following 3D printer.


There are many 3D printers which fill the list under 500. Many companies have to curve the products so well that you will have a jaw fall regarding the price. Among which the best 2 are discussed below.

  1. Anet A8 smart 3D printers:- This 3D printer is great for those who have an eye on the printer is good at handling and the printing quality is very précised as it gives very detailed printing. The printer has got a large printer bed, hence allowing the large object to get printed and has the facility of supporting various filaments. it has an addictive quality of heated printer bed which let you use the ABS filament. The printer operating manual is very lucid once you are used to it. However, the one drawback is the assembling takes a lot of time if not less than 6 hours if you have the patience to deal with the assembling and have the love for challenges probably this is the printer which you can opt for.
  2. Any cubic i3 mini to the mega 3D printer:- If you are new in this field or want to try your hand in the 3D printing then this printer is a great choice to make, as the printer can be assembled within minutes once you unbox it. The parts of the printer are packaged in an organized manner and thereby you face no problem once you start to assemble. The printing calibration is a bit handy. The most important feature is the printer looks clean as no extra wires are hanging out thereby creating no confusion. The printing quality is sharp and fine. Besides the one thing that can annoy a bit is its noise while printing. If you can cope up with that then the printer is a great choice for you.

To conclude, there is more option when talking about 3D printers. But the above discussed are the best 2 of them which are in the running market as the best 3D printer under 500 of 2018. This printers also gives you the idea about your preferences as if you are a beginner then you choose the second and if you are a regular one who always craves for challenges then this is the best one for you. It is advised to look at the features and decide the best for yourself and get a good one for you.