Lewis Hamilton calls for changes to the F1 format on grounds that the current set up is boring enough to induce sleep. Since 1950, Formula 1 has been the highest class of racing for single-seater cars. It features the fastest cars in the world, purpose built circuits, street circuits, high speed corners, and some of the biggest and most prestigious names in cars: Ferrari, McLaren, Renault, Mercedes-Benz, and Honda.

Formula 1 is a high octane, edge of your seat sport, isn’t it? Current world leader and soon to be champion again, Lewis Hamilton, seems to think otherwise. Hamilton stated that the motor sport needs changing to “stop the fans falling asleep”.

More dynamism

Hamilton went on to comment that it’s the same format at every race meet, be that Monaco, Melbourne, Silverstone or Mexico City. It “needs to be more dynamic”. Hamilton went on to suggest innovative ideas such as a reverse grid, having the pole position driver going into the main race starting at the back of the start grid, making him have to battle his way to the front.

Fans that attend the races around the globe to watch their favourite sport, with events like these, should be getting more bang for their buck, says Hamilton. Monaco F1 Paddock Club, for example, offers fans a fantastic weekend, but that falls flat, says Hamilton, if the racing fans are “falling asleep”.

Driving fast, staying safe

Of course, Hamilton is not calling for drivers to be more reckless in order to enliven the sport, and F1 has very tight safety measures. Instead, Hamilton suggests that the sport could do with a shake-up, a variation on race circuits, where different circuits have differing rules – a “super weekend”, he suggests, which would make drivers that are tipped to win have to drive harder and smarter.

Hamilton is also thinking of the fans who watch Formula 1 on television. They should be on the edge of their seat the whole time, he says, not just tuning in for the start and setting an alarm to remind them of the finish. If Hamilton’s words are heeded, and they might be given that he is set to be crowned champion again in 2018, we may see some radical changes in this particular motor sport.