Washers should be considered as ideal investments only if they provide optimal use and durability. They are rarely cheap. Additional features mean more money that you spend on them when wasmachine. As an intelligent consumer, you must take into account the specific characteristics that you prefer and that you really need. Otherwise, you will simply end up buying devices that contain more things than you actually will use. 

Based on their configurations, there are two types of washers

They have top loading or front loaders. On the upper shoes there is a cap on top where you put on your clothes. The rotation is set vertically. On the other hand, front-loading washing machines are installed horizontally horizontally, and clothes are inserted through the front door. These doors have rubber gaskets to seal the compartments and prevent water leakage. Without proper maintenance, these rubber liners are easily depleted. Be sure to check from time to time that there are no small pieces of your clothes inside you. Be careful with the small button and lines. Usually they end in piles under the washing drum. When this happens, you must dismantle the entire machine to get rid of the obstacles.

Front loaders are usually cleaned more thoroughly

They are more energy efficient, which means big savings on electricity bills. They also use less water than their higher-loaded counterparts. This is equivalent to a lower use of detergent and greater savings on your part.

Washing machines have an energy efficiency classification

Given the current problems of saving the environment, more attention is paid to machines that use less energy. Most countries require cars to be accompanied by these classifications. They are usually combined in the machines themselves.


It is imperative that you assess your actual and average laundry load

Do not buy machines with large capacity, if they are few. Large-capacity collars typically use more energy to complete a regular cycle. This is still true, even if some of them have half the download pre-installed. To a large extent determined by the total capacity of the actual energy consumption.

Some models and brands are available with variable temperature water

In fact, you can adjust the actual water temperature depending on the actual load of the clothes. For a smaller load, an average water temperature is required. This leads to lower power consumption.

Some models require only conventional detergents, while others prefer types or even brands of laundry detergent. In fact, some of them are simply corporate agreements between companies involved in further increasing their sales. I used a washing machine that made me use a certain brand of detergent, but I still get better results even when I use regular brands.

When you finally enter the store, you will certainly be bombarded with a lot of information and dizzying features that make the model, apparently, the best option. However, do not rely only on what the sellers say to you. They are also motivated to close as many businesses as possible and get more.