Dharma has one and only one meaning i.e. duties you need to fulfil as a resident of Earth. If you think have been granted this human formjust to earn money, then you are wrong. Everyone has a purpose in life. The purpose is to serve everyone. It’s just that the services vary from person to person. Dharma has been given different definitions by various religions but the meaning remains the same. In Hinduism, Dharma is an individual’s role or duties. Dharma in Buddhism means the principles and teachings of Buddha. Dharma helps you study the laws of nature and the nature of laws simultaneously.

You are made up of different organs which have different senses such eyes possess the sense of sight, ears possess the sense of sound, nose possesses the sense of smell. Similarly, our mind possesses the sense of Dharma. Dharma can be referred as the duties one is destined to fulfil in order to live purpose of their life. It is a universal truth. To realise the purpose of your life, you have to (in the words of Robert Frost) take the road less travelled by. Buddha meditated for a long periods of time to realise his purpose. When you meditate, you dive into the sea of self-introspection. You look into yourself, your flaws, your strengths, your drawbacks and everything. That is when you realise who you really are.

Buddha found his purpose and walked down the path of enlightenment. And people started referring to him as god. The one who reaches the state of enlightenment is termed as god or all mighty. He left a policy behind. His principles, his rules or his sayings are followed religiously by his disciples. These principles are called Dharma in Buddhism. And those who practice Buddhism, follow these principles zealously.

If you are thinking walking down the lane of divinity will be not so difficult task, then you are being delusional. It will be very difficult. You need to be concentrated and focused towards your goal. Buddha left the palace, his family and all the riches behind to understand the path of divinity. He lived in mud and clay hut for a long time and taught his disciples there only. Had ordinary food and sometimes would go without food for days meditating. People meditate for years to seek enlightenment. Are you ready for that commitment?