We all need a working central heating system during the winter months. The bitter cold and wet weather can leave us feeling at the mercy of the elements, but there is nothing better than getting home and warming up by the fire and drying our clothes on the radiators!

To make sure you have a problem-free winter with your central heating system, here are some potential issues are ones to watch out for. You can either fix the little problems yourself at home or contact a professional company for boiler repair Gloucester to keep things running smoothly.

The radiator is cold in the middle

If your radiator is cold in patches around the middle, there is most likely rust or sludge built up in the bottom. You need to flush the system, which is something that shouldn’t be tried in the middle of winter! This would involve shutting down the system altogether, disconnecting the radiator and flushing and cleaning it. A flush should last a couple of years. For more details, see This is most likely a two-person job, but it could be done more quickly and easily by a professional.

Only certain radiators are heating up

Sometimes, you might find that only certain radiators are properly heating up, whether they’re not heating at all or only heating in small patches. This can lead to wasted energy and higher bills. First, you need to check the valves on either side of your radiator. The smaller one is the lockshield valve, and it controls the water flow through the radiator. You can open this wider to encourage a stronger flow, particularly if the radiator is quite far from the boiler itself. In the case of both valves being open and there is still no heat emitting through the radiator, you may have a backup issue. You can get help with this from firms like

Hot/cold showers

The last thing anyone wants, especially in winter, is a cold shower first thing in the morning! You might need to add capacity to your system if you have this problem, but it is best to get in touch with an engineer.

Low-pressure dial

If your pressure dial on the boiler does not sit between one and two bars, it needs to be sorted. This isn’t a DIY job, so contact a professional.