If it quiet possible that you may have trying to getting pregnant with limited degree of success. Hold on! There are tricks along with tips to help you achieve the same. Does blood sugar and ovulation have a relation and it could be making it a bit difficult for you to become pregnant.

How sugar goes on to have an impact on your hormone levels?

You could easily underestimate the impact sugar is bound to have on your hormones. You need to take note of the fact that sugar is a food and it does go through your digestive system. The body is known to activate the hormones when you consume sugar. To start off with it is insulin. If the levels are too low or high it could work out to be dangerous. For this reason when soda spikes your sugary drinks insulin is bound to convert to low levels of sugar in a quick manner as soon as possible. Then the adrenal glands step in. This is going to point to the fact that from this stage the hormone does take over.

The body is in a mechanism where there are regulating the hormone levels to cope up with the high levels of sugar. If blood sugar levels during ovulation are tampered with it could have an impact on your pregnancy. It has been stated that insulin does have certain chemical similarities with the ovarian hormones which does send a signal to your body that you need to ovulate. In hindsight sugar consumption is going to interfere with the ovulation.

How to reduce sugar

As per medical experts, ideally you should not go on to have more than 24 grams of sugar a day. In case of men it could increase to 36 grams. Though it has to be stated that one does not have to worry about the sugar that are found naturally in fruits. Just cut down on white rice and flour.

You could be really surprised at the amount of sugar you could go on to reduce from the normal diet.

  • Instead of donut you could eat eggs when it is breakfast time
  • Instead of soda try to drink water

Some minor changes can go on to have an impact on the amount of sugar you consume. This works out to be more than half a cup

If you are facing it difficult to become pregnant this is not the only thing that you would need to change. The sugar intake can go on to have an impact on the health. This includes your reproductive health and this is one area of your body that you are bound to have a lot of control over as well. If you are thinking of having a baby this is an area where you could pay a lot of emphasis and cut down sugar from your diet. The hormones are bound to be steady and become healthy as well.