During pregnancy the expecting mother’s body goes through various changes. It is one of the most crucial and important moments in a woman’s life. There are many exciting moments involving both the parents, and those moments are worthy to be treasured. Most of the times, these moments pass by without notice, and the parents are left only thinking about them later on, and share stories with the children and have a good time. But slowly this situation is changing as more and more people have started to keep a track of their pregnancy and its progress by various fun and quirky methods.

track your pregnancy

Since earlier times, people used to keep a track of their pregnancy and hold on to memories by writing about them, or telling stories, or in the later 20th century till up to a few years back, with a few rare photos once in a while. The trend of keeping a regular track of the pregnancy has started only recently, and people usually add their personal touches to these records so that the memories can be cherished and are preserved very uniquely. Below are some of the most creative ways to track your pregnancy:

1. Pregnancy photo albums – Creating a pregnancy photo album with regular photos that show a steady progress in the development of the pregnancy is the most common method to keep a track on someone’s pregnancy. Usually the photos are just taken by the couples themselves or by a friend or family member, and they are usually set in cosy, homely environments in natural settings, showing the daily lives and struggles of dealing with pregnancy. But sometimes expecting couples go to various lengths to make these albums creative, and hire professional photographers and have elaborate photoshoots in dramatic settings to make the pregnancy album just that much more interesting and unique. These professional albums make for great memories and are very beautiful to look at, and serve as treasure houses for those important memories.

2. Vlogging – Vlogging is the term created by combining the terms ‘video’ and ‘logging’ and it is a way to keep a log of the updates in one’s lives with long or short, regular videos over a period of time that track the progress of a certain situation. With the rise of online social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, vlogging has fast become one of the most popular ways of keeping track of pregnancies. Expecting parents usually make small and sweet videos that are funny to watch and also describe the growing stages of the pregnancy. It is more informative than a regular photo album and is a great way to store all the unique memories associated with pregnancy.

Pregnancy is a very important and unique experience for both an expecting mother and her partner. Couples are always looking to find ideas for unique ways to make a creative pregnancy album or an interesting vlog. Whatever be the chosen method, keeping track of one’s pregnancy in a creative and special way ensures that the happy memories associated with pregnancy get preserved and can be cherished for years to come.