It’s a skin infection, but it’s undeniably true though that most people with athletes foot resorts to google diagnosis rather than going to a doctor to get a proper prescription.

Before discussing why discussing fungal infection is off-limits to the public, let me remind you that fungal disease should be taken seriously.

There are number of cases who got developed more risky disease because they did not treat their fungal disease immediately. Worst? You can cause an outbreak as most fungal diseases are highly contagious.

Moreover, with the changes in the climate nowadays, natural calamities are happening more often. Studies show that there is a big possibility that flesh-eating outbreak can follow after a natural calamity happened.

It’s high time to break the taboo and discuss fungal infection and if you ever try to keep your fungal infection a secret, read further.

Lack of information is deadly 

Athlete’s foot is itchy, smelly, and highly contagious and it sucks having one. Imagine having a bloom between your toes. How about vaginal yeast?

First and foremost, vaginal yeast is not STD. Let’s get that information straight. But still having itchiness in your private area is quite revolting especially if you are sexually active.

It’s shameful because it’s disgusting.

If you have athlete’s or vaginal yeast, most probably because you have a poor hygiene- an assumption of everybody.

But did you know that to acquire a fungal infection, you have to have a weak immune system first?

That’s right.

Fungus lives amongst us. It has also good and bad effect. But you can only get infected if your immune system is not strong enough to shield you against fungus, thus the infection.

But nonetheless, proper hygiene is still vital for you to prevent acquiring a fungal infection.

You can start by not wearing unwashed socks and always use fresh undergarments.

But if you already have one and after some self-medication, it doesn’t go away then go to the doctor.

Ignorance is the quickest and safest excuse we can give in spite the fact that we are living in a digital age and information can be acquired in just a few taps of our fingertips. However, the internet is a vast jungle of information and is definitely unreliable.

You cannot submit samples to google for a laboratory testing, can you?


Scientist are now taking fungal infections seriously

In 2017, an outbreak has reported when a multi-resistant fungus called Candida auris was detected in more than 200 patients in 55 hospitals across England. Despite the superior infection interventions, it was still difficult to control because C. auris has the ability resist treatment and it lives on the surface of hospital beds. It is spreading among patients and the mode of transmission is difficult to identify.

It was then that scientist urges everyone to take fungal infections seriously. There are many different types of fungal infection and most of these infections present themselves like a rash or fever.

Candida has the ability to trigger life-threatening infection. According to Dr. Riina Rautemaa-Richardson, a researcher at Wythenshawe Hospital in Manchester, England, fungal infection can be fatal if it enters the bloodstream and leads to sepsis.

Think about it this way, sepsis is a response to infection, however, in contrast to the immune system, sepsis can overdrive its response that could lead into septic shock and damage your internal organs causing death.

Embarrassment cannot remove the inconveniences of having a fungal infection

Ringworms, athlete’s foot, vaginal yeast, are only a few of mild cases of fungal infection. Still, mild can go bad if not treated right away.

That is why it is important to have yourself checked before it will get worse.

There are many antifungal drugs and ointments on the market. Fungi is a living natural organism, and nowadays, the scientists are coming up with natural treatments like Fungalor that is as effective as those chemically made treatments.

But prevention is always better and less costly than cure. Living a healthy lifestyle and building a strong immune system is the best shield you can get.