Life is about balance. Acupuncture understands that there’re weaknesses and strengths in everybody’s body and life. Doctors of the oriental medicine will find the best treatments that will improve your life quality and relieve what troubles you.

Balancing Your Strength & Weakness

Everybody has the strong or weak organs. While looking at an individual from a perspective of the 8 Constitutional Medicine, it can be seen what’s functioning on the peak performance or what isn’t. Weaker organs and poor diet can make you feel very lethargic, gives chronic pain and you are not able to work in a way you want.

Know Your Body Type

The 8 Constitution Medicine helps people by the category of the organ health. And this branch was developed by Dr. Kuon in 1965. From then it is used and accepted by the practitioners all over the world in helping their patients to return to their optimum health. Eight categories that the patients are classified in include:


  1. Cholecystotonia: It relates to the weak colon and strong gallbladder
  2. Hepatonia: It relates to the weak lungs and strong liver
  3. Colonotonia: It relates to the weak gallbladder and strong colon
  4. Pulmotonia: it relates to the weak liver and strong lungs
  5. Pancreotonia: It relates to the weak kidneys and strong pancreas
  6. Gastrotonia: It relates to the weak bladder and strong stomach
  7. Vesicotonia: It relates to the weak stomach and strong bladder
  8. Renotonia: It relates to the weak pancreas and strong kidney

Understanding the patient’s ailments and food allergies will help doctors to find the correct path for wellness. Acupuncture will strive to balance your body and energy so that there’re not any areas of dysfunction and tightness. With ECM practice, doctors will help you develop what’s weak and eliminate fatigue, irritation and pain, so that you will lead the enjoyable and normal life.

Are all kinds of food beneficial?

Reason, why every person reacts differently to the different types of medication or food, is because of one’s body form, physical constitution. So, some medications or food that may have had very good result on a person might not benefit other; they might even be very harmful to another. Thus, there’s no “panacea” that cures all for everybody. Some might work well on a few people and some might work not or harm your health. In 8 constitution medicine, the specialized pulse technique is used for diagnosing your constitution (make up) that will identify what your weaknesses and strengths are (that appear inherently in an organ system, character, shape, personality, and more). When 10 organs are working rightly in relation to one another as they’re designed constitutionally to do, a person feels well.