My Escape is a place of recreation, of mystery, of puzzles and riddles that would make you feel like a modern day Sherlock. It provides a place to re-discover and recreates yourself in a game that will test you at your wit’s end. It’s the perfect place if you want that unique experience. When you’re in My Escape, it’s not the question of having fun, the question has always been, are you good enough to solve the mysteries?

When people do some recreational activities they go to the forest, retreat houses and so on in the hopes of them to find answers to what they are looking for and achieve their goals. There is the usual set up for company initiated team buildings and retreats, not to mention family gatherings with a theme aside from barbecues and drinks. In reality, that’s not for everybody, and sometimes a relaxed and quiet environment is not what some people need, its the exact opposite.

Why you should try it: The main reason why you should try it is that its an entirely different concept than what you usually define recreation. Its exciting, nerve-wracking, head cracking, suspense, thriller, fun, mysterios and will keep you at your wit’s end. You should know that their games are not child’s play and if you’re not skilled enough, it’s going to take you more time to finish it or not at all. If your up to that challenge then you should definitely try it. Join thousands of people that survived My Escape.

Horror Escape Rooms

What it offers: My Escape has 3 offerings, each room has a challenge on its own that you need to solve. Each has an entirely different concept over the other that will make you interested, excited and engaged all at the same time. These 3 rooms are guaranteed to keep your adrenaline pumping.

  • Conjuring – The rules are simple, you enter a haunted house and you have to get out of it within 75 minutes.
  • Hostel – An interactive escape game that is full of guesswork and suspense. The rule is you have to get out within 75 minutes from the butcher.
  • Paranormal – paranormal is full of terrors and riddles that will keep your blood pumping.

What you get from it: Aside from being fun, with My Escape, you get a very different recreational experience. It’s new and it will offer tons of excitement. If you are looking for a good team building activity, a family recreational activity, a task to do as a couple or alone, and you like to experience suspense, fun, pressure mystery, horror, thriller, interactive and engaging, try My Escape.

My Escape, offers an interactive service unlike no other, putting people in a setting that Sherlock can solve gives this thrilling experience that most people want to try. Their challenges are perfect for team buildings and recreational activities. So incase if you’re wondering what to do in Rhodes? This is it right here!