In the field of information technology, today most groups are heading for an agile transformation. Experience teams prefer to use agile techniques as their primary software program development lifecycle. The word agile stands for doing something or making decisions fast and easily. It helps a company and teams to move at the pace with the fast growing competitive world with the help of fast and appropriate technology. Its principles and operations can be applied in any part of business and need not necessarily apply to development teams alone. The company can experience greater success if all its departments and people understand this process.

agile transformation

How to implement?

Most teams will be in a hurry to use and implement it without understanding its application to their project. That can prove to be disastrous. They must study the pros and cons and the entire functioning of agile transformation before starting practising it. They need to have proper analysis to know that they are on the right track and bringing out the most suitable solutions. It requires proper training. There are various common stages in this process.

It begins with assessing one’s current state of project. With this, it moves on to create guidelines for new set of managers and product owners who are in need of understanding certain new terminology. Then it leads to building a more cohesive team with proper goal setting. Once the team receives minimum training, it is time for it to experience some agile success. If you do not get the desired results, then the team may require assessment on skill gaps. That would help in identifying specific needs. After these, the teams can go to next level where they actually start implementing what they have learnt and modify it as per the needs of their respective projects. Besides, they would also check whether multi team framework is too heavy. Finally, it makes the teams to assess their progress. Teams might need metrics to measure their agile practises. This could be done in the final stage. It helps in training the teams to work cross functionally.

In order to implement agile teams, companies will have to ensure proper training, so that they operate best in multi functional environment and produce fastest results. This is important fromthe point of view of company’s growth and development of projects. If implemented well, agile process is quite beneficial.