Foreigners who are forced to emigrate from their country of origin due to persecution have the right to apply for asylum in the United States. This gives them the opportunity to remain legally in the United States for an indefinite period, until their country of origin does not pose a threat. They can even send an application for legal permanent residence next year.

Filing an asylum application is an important decision, and cannot be taken lightly

Winning an application means gaining legal status in the United States. On the other hand, if a person loses, they can be deported to a country that represents a danger or a threat. This is where the services of an immigration lawyer become unavoidable. Many applications for political asylum were denied due to the inability to consult an appropriate immigration lawyer.

The requirements for asylum in the United States are that the person in question must be able to demonstrate the amount of distress he has experienced based on one or more of the factors listed below:

  • Religion
  • The race
  • nationality
  • To be a member of a certain group.
  • Political position

The persecution suffered by a different sexual orientation or the presence of HIV infection was also recognized by the United States immigration law as the basis for asylum.

The immigration asylum attorney will strengthen the case with the appropriate evidence and support. The services of an immigration lawyer will also be of great help to people who have not been persecuted, but they fear the same.

A participant must apply for asylum within one year of their entry into the United States. However, there are two types of cases that are exempt from the terms for one year: the extraordinary circumstances and circumstances have changed.

Asylum Immigration Lawyer

Changing circumstances may include cases,

The government passed into the hands of the person in the country of origin, and the laws were changed recently.

 A recent diagnosis is to be HIV-positive.
The person had an H1B visa or had legal status after entering the US. UU., But the state had recently expired.

Examples of emergency cases are,

 The applicant was subjected to mental abuse due to torture, which the person had to endure and, therefore, could not file timely.
The applicant was deceived by a lawyer and a complaint was filed against a lawyer.

In such cases, a competent immigration asylum attorney can advise on exceeding the time limit and on what additional measures can be taken.

The immigration lawyer for asylum will advise you of the following questions:

Apply to the Immigration Court or the Department of Homeland Security.
If it is within the period of validity of the application.
When you can get a work permit.
How can you bring family members to the United States to apply for asylum?