Anabolic steroids are available in two forms. One is oral and other one is injectable. People who take steroids are often interested to know whether injectable steroids are better or oral steroids. They concern more about side effects with these two types of steroids and also the method which gives better results than other.

Pills and liquid forms of steroids fall under oral steroids which we can take like normal other medicines orally whereas injectable steroids must be injected into body.

Steroid users who just started taking them always get confused between these two types of steroids. Many of them prefer oral because they have phobia of injectable steroids.

Oral steroids cause more side effects than injectable steroids such as headaches, bloating, diarrhea and high BP etc. It is also a well known fact that oral steroids are liver toxic among all steroids. These oral steroids are also need to be taken daily and frequently because they have a shorter half life. Though these are the limitations in using oral steroids, users prefer them because they get massive benefits in short period of time.

Injectable steroids are not required to be taken so frequently as oral steroids because they have longer half life. Because of this, they stay in blood flow for longer period and not required to take them very frequently. These steroids are also safer in terms of liver health. If you prefer long term benefits, injectable steroids are better. So most steroid users buy steroids which are injectable.

Oral steroids are not painful to take in but as injectable steroids need to be injected into body so they are little painful and it is common to get scar tissue.

Considering the above benefits injectable steroids are preferable than oral steroids as they have less side effects and also give much better results in the long term. However beginners or any experienced users choose oral steroids rather than buy steroids which are injectable when they are scared of self injection.

Steroids are much used in USA when compared to other parts of world. So people who buy injectable steroids usa share big chunk in the overall steroid sales. People who are from other market places are also like to buy injectable steroids usa because of the availability of varieties and also bio forms.

If you want to gain quick benefit with the steroids, then oral steroids are better. If you consider longer half life, then go for injectable. As the oral steroids cause liver damage, you better avoid them unless you want instant gains.