Would you believe that the era for the usual dates to movie houses are now gone?

Basically, movie houses and theatrical stages are still a thing. But as the generation develops, a lot of technological advances are slowly ruling this new generation.

Let’s face it… the world is dominated by the internet. The internet is so powerful. It has everything from books, games, social media channels, live chatting, and live streaming of online videos and even movies from 2018 down to the 90’s films. Name it, anything, the internet surely has it.

Which is why as more people embraced this advances, it had made their life less hassle, and more practical. Today, this blog will talk about top 5 reasons why people nowadays prefer to watch online movies from home rather than at movie houses.

And the top of the subject for today’s blog is one of the reliable movie provider in the internet, 123Movies online.

Top 3 Reasons

Don’t get it wrong, cinemas and movie houses are still one of the books where you can hangout with friends and family. It also gives you the benefit of watching in the extremely large screen and 3D features which home movies couldn’t afford to give. And most importantly, the vast amounts of scrummy popcorn which what makes cinemas a thing.

However, know that life does not always seem easy for some people. And here are sensible reasons why there are still a number of people who no longer go to movie houses and enjoy cinemas screens with their family and friends… check this few reasons why most people now prefer watching for free movies online sites.

1.They don’t have time

This is really usual. Especially for professional people who have been caught up with work and life’s responsibilities. They can no longer afford to buy some time and spend an hour or two watching the latest movie on screen. For them, they would rather take the time for over time, or finish their work tasks or go straight home to rest.

Since 123Movies offers free online movies, then it would no longer be a hassle for them to squeeze in valuebla time just to watch movie.

  1. They can watch it any time any where

This is a fact. Online movies can be accessed anywhere anytime as long as you have a good connection with you. You can watch in a between office breaks, or you can place a mobile holder at your car and play a movie as you make your way to home. You can also play movies on your TV screens when you got home.

  1. They can pause, stop, forward

One of the nicest thing about watching online movies is that you can pause, stop and forward the movie. Or you can play it over and over again. Unlike in cinemas, it will only be a one time one shot, so you better hold your eyes and don’t blink so that you won’t be able to miss any important scene in the movie.