Google maintains the open-source framework called as AngularJS. It helps in addressing the issues come across by the developers at the time of testing and developing the code. HTML and AngularJsget integratedalong with the application modules and form a framework.

Angularjsis based on the MVC architecture, and hence it is used to plan many rich web applications.Features of AngularJS includes testing, dependency injection, templates, directives, MVC structure, and data binding in both the ways.

Difference between AngularJS Framework and Others

  • The markup of Angular lives in the DOM.
  • It makes use of the primary old objects as used by the javascript.
  • Angular is poweredusing the Dependency Injection.

Importance of Using Angular JS Both in Web And Mobile Application

When you plan to hire an angularjs developer in your organization, then you must inform to appear for an angularjs online test. The test will cover all the areas in the framework to assess the candidate’s ability to work in your organization using angualarjs.

Also, you must know the essential benefits offered by angularjs to migrate your application development projects to angularjs framework.

  1. Architecture

It has quite simple design architecture and allows developers to use it to improve any feature matching the client’s requirement. It efficiently handles the heavy web apps in spite of it having several complexities and components.

When it comes to more significant application, the component number may go as high as 60 and AngularJS make the life possible even for a young person entering to the project in the middle.  Developers can quickly understand and move forward with code.

  1. Timeline

HTML’s recent technology is AngularJS, and thus developers with knowledge in HTML can pick up fast with the coding. The time required to make a new app also is speedy. One need to add few attributes to Javascript and keep moving to witness results immediately.

  1. Efficiency

Developers can improve the application’s efficiency rapidly by writing only a few codes. Even though the codes are less in number, they are efficient, and hence you can get the desired results.  Business can pick up fast with developers who have a necessary grip on the coding.

  1. Reusable Codes

It allows the developers to make use of the codes written already for developing a different application. This helps in time-saving and hence it has an excellent framework.

  1. Testing

It is very convenient to perform both unit and end-end to testing. The testing process is flexible and easy and can be done at any stage during the development. This allows the event to be successful in an agile development environment.


Apart from the five mentioned, it has much more like parallel development, two-way binding, and gives access to the developer with the controls, etc. Thus a developer can enjoy while working and in turn be more productive. One can migrate to angularjs development within no time to reap all the benefits offered by this open source framework.