Fullerenes have attracted a great deal of attention since their discovery in 1985. Many experts consider fullerenes compounds of the future, powering advanced technologies capable of bringing in revolutionary changes to our way of life. One such application of fullerenes is in the medical field. The fullerene family, and especially C60, has appealing photo, electrochemical and physical properties, which can be exploited in various medical fields. It is able to fit inside the hydrophobic cavity of HIV proteases that inhibits the access of substrates to the catalytic site of the enzyme. It can also be used as a scavenger and oxidant. Fullerenes can also be used to cleave DNA. Therefore, the option to buy Fullerenes for medicinal purposes is an enticing option.

New drugs

Research has identified many possibilities of using fullerene molecules in developing new drugs or improving upon current ones available in the market. For instance, the fullerene compounds can be used for specific targeting of cells and locations in the human body. Countless other advances in the field of nano-medicine have been powered by fullerenes and trimetaspheres.

Medical Diagnostics

Fullerenes are very sensitive MRI contrast agents when measuring relativity and the benefits for improving MRI sensitivity are numerous. When this is coupled with cell targeting technology, it enhances the delectability of diseases, opening the application of MRI to new areas of medicine that would otherwise be out of scope of current imaging capability. Additionally, future fullerene based contrast agents can allow for the design of small, portable MRI systems.


Detecting atherosclerotic plaque that builds up in the blood vessel walls will become easier with the use of fullerene derivatives as new MRI contrast agents. This allows for earlier detection, providing medical professionals and patients vital preemptive information before a myocardial infarction or stroke. It can also help better diagnose coronary artery disease, which is most-commonly diagnosed through an invasive procedure known as cardiac catheterization angiography.

Medical Therapeutics

Fullerene based compounds have been identified to possess anti-inflammatory properties, thus providing a host of opportunities for advanced medical treatments. Fullerenes are exceptional free radical scavengers, or antioxidants, capable of intercepting radicals before they cause cellular harm in many serious diseases. Fullerene derivatives are being investigated to inhibit diseases that are critically affected by allergic responses, generally attributed to mast cells found in the body.

There is substantial evidence that certain forms of asthma are critically dependent on mast cells, and are triggered by allergens like pollen, cat hair etc. Fullerenes are under investigation to prevent mast cell activation in the lung so an asthma attack does not occur.

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