The good thing about joining trade shows is that you have the chance to meet real people who could be your future customers. You might even have the opportunity to sell products to them on the spot. You are bringing your company closer to the people who will help grow your business.

During the trade show, you will send representatives to entertain enquiries from these customers. You can set up a booth with a table and chairs for the conversation to take place. You might get general questions regarding the business and the products that you offer. These are simple questions for people who know the company well. If the questions start to get more difficult or inappropriate, you need to handle the situation carefully.

Train your staff

The people you are sending to join the trade shows need thorough training before they get there. They need to practice dealing with all sorts of questions from people coming from different walks of life. Training helps the staff answer these questions well. You can also have a mock trade show where the other employees pretend to be potential customers trying to seek information.

Know the rules

These trade shows have organisers who are responsible for making sure the event is successful. If there are problems or issues, you can go to them. You need to know the rules that apply to the trade show. If someone tries to ask irrelevant or offensive questions, there needs to be a mechanism to expel these people.

Be polite

Regardless of how inappropriate the people are asking questions, you need to maintain your calm. You might not notice someone taking a video of the incident and trying to twist the story after posting it online. Instead of being the good guy in the story, you become vilified. You or your company’s employees still represent the business, so you need to be on your best behaviour.

Redirect them to other sources of information

If they have the relevant and valid question that you could not answer, the best option is to redirect them to other sources of information. Tell them to follow your social media account or go to your company’s official website. You can also use A5 presentation folders to provide them with detailed information. You need to think about the design for the folder along with the summary of information to include. When people see the information, they might not ask any other questions.

Change the topic

If you feel like the topic is not relevant to what you are offering, or it is starting to become personal, you need to learn how to redirect the conversation. You can have another interesting topic like fun facts about your business.

By attending these trade shows, you have the chance to speak with customers directly. You can also represent your business well, so you can’t mess it up. Otherwise, instead of achieving your goal of advertising the company, the opposite might happen.