Why do people look for a good car? Is it because they want to make sure they get a good buy or they want it because it makes them proud? Actually, both can be the reason why buyers wanted to get a good car. By checking on the difference of car brands, a buyer can get information about each difference. Starting from the appearance to the performance of the car. But, most buyers check out on the price of the car before considering the appearance, performance and some other features. In fact, 2019 Hyundai Elantra recently redesigned into a fresh look of a sporty statement car.


New sheet metal – with more safety gear

 Hyundai had served a surprising appetizer with a first look of the 2019 Elantra. It has moved closer to the stylish Hyundai Le Fil Rouge. The latest 2019 Elantra offers the fresh safety features and fresh infotainment system with revised controls. The new front end has a wider grille which makes the styling a step upscale. The shapely bib comes with nacelles and vertical outboard turn. It allows the air to pass like the 2019 Chevrolet Silverado. It has also a brand new look of front fenders and hood. The LED lamps in wedge-shaped headlamps at the grille’s upper corners. Also, the license-plate housing is relocated to the new rear bumper. For the exterior part of Elantra, changes have been made including the center screen, new instrument binnacle, different HVAC controls, and air vents.

 The best Hyundai car variant

A buyer is expected to shop for a good car version. So, Hyundai turns out as one of the most popularly suggested vehicles all over the world. Once you check on 2019 Houston Hyundai Elantra, you are able to find out how it makes a very good investment. In fact, many customers have claimed how this version of the car answers the needs of a car hunter. With many other sporty cars out there, Hyundai still stands on its quality performance vehicle. It starts from its exterior, interior, and engine performance and the overall car function – buyers should know. The amazing interior including the center screen, different HVAC controls, new instrument binnacle, and air vents are well-built. The trim levels including SE, Value edition, SEL, Eco, Limited and Sports manual-transmission makes it more attractive to have a ride. It also features Bluetooth and steering-wheel audio controls with added wireless charging. The audio system is leveled up with navigation, Apple carplay and android auto that comes with 8.o inch screen with a faster processor. Excitingly, the 2019 Elantra comes with an additional sound-absorbing material. It has also a standard rearview camera. This sporty trim level 2019 Elantra continues to stand from the rest Elantra lineup.