With Instagram, there are a few metrics that we can compare. The total followers, the likes per post, as well as the comments on every individual post. This is where we sometimes base the popularity of every post. When it comes to business promotions, the first thing that we check aside from the likes, are the comments left by other Instagram users.

Instagram comments are very helpful in determining whether the offer is legit or fake and if the service or the business offered are useful to other users. As a business owner, you would want to increase the positive comments that you have on your posts. This is one marketing strategy to attract new customers and keep the loyal ones.

Why Do We Need to Increase the Comments per Post?

The average comments per post will determine how engaging your content is, and also how engaged your followers are in your business and what you can do. This will create a huge impact on whether your content is shared with others by your followers on Instagram. Everybody would want to know where their content would be.

Effective Ways to Increase Comments on Instagram Posts


Ask Relevant Questions. Asking questions is a great way to keep your Instagram alive. This will help you connect with your potential customers, as well as your loyal followers. Keep the communication lines open. Let them also ask you questions. This is also one of the best ways to know what your customers need. And when you ask questions, make sure that they are connected to your follower’s interests. It should not be too personal or political.

Interesting Captions. Similar to a blog post, an interesting caption lead-line will catch your reader’s attention. This will give your followers an idea that your content is worth reading and worth sharing as well. Make sure that the first few words will make them read on. If they find those first few words interesting, they will read the full caption, then leave a comment. 

The Golden Rule. Everyone knows the golden rule. Do to others what you would want them to do to you. How can you expect someone to leave a comment on your post when you seldom do it to others? Why not spend a little of your time every day leaving genuine comments on other people’s Instagram posts. Little by little, you would also see the change in your comments rate on your Instagram posts.

A Little Help. When the comments are not improving, there are websites that offer legit Instagram automatic comments. You just have to choose a package and purchase it. The comments will be from quality profiles. The comments will be posted on your post minutes after you post it.

The business industry is rapidly innovating with the technology. Most businesses are doing everything that they can in order to be successful with their own and unique marketing strategies. You just have to find the ones that would be perfect for you, and will help you save time with a faster turnaround.