Just a few know about it. Law firm marketing can push you over the edge. We know that and we care. We are not the typical lawyer internet marketing experts who claim we could catapult you to utter success. We don’t claim we can do drastic changes to get the best results for your team.

What we do is we make law firm internet marketing better. Better law firm marketing entails taking big and small clients under our wing and bringing them to you. We don’t just aim for the check. Establishing positive relationships with clients is one of our institutional thrusts.

Make Your Online Presence Felt

A Galveston attorney noted that having an online presence is not only important for a law firm. It is imperative to the success of the firm. Internet use has maximized its potential as a tool for internet marketing. This is what we do for you. We make your online presence felt. We bring you closer to every client who searches online for law firm services. We don’t want your competitors to get these prospects and we have the best people in our team to ensure that.


SEO and Keywords Optimization

If your firm does not have an inclination to strategize using SEO and keywords, we are here for you. This is the new name of the game in law firm online marketing. The evolution of SEO and keyword use has also reached the lawyering. The modern – day lawyering goes beyond the term “attorney”. If it’s the only term you associate your firm with, you are a disservice to your own team. Contact us now so we could make a big difference for you.

Branding in Your Website

Your branding is the best you could tell clients about who you are as a firm. Your firm’s website has a considerable impact to how you are viewed by clients. We could develop your website so that you create an impressive yet truthful projection of your firm. We could improve the quality of your content, add videos, and make a user friendly interface so that clients have a positive experience navigating through your site. In this way, your firm is associated with a positive and impressive branding. You get leads transformed into customers.

 Maximizing the UseSocial Media

Whether you like it or not, you have to take social media seriously. Your clients are into it. It is a possibility that social media is the future of online marketing. Don’t be left behind because your competitors could leave you crumbling because of your inability to maximize the use of social media to promote your firm, its lawyers, and its services. Get ahead of the pack and don’t underestimate the power of social media.


Online marketing is here to stay and has penetrated other industries. Your law firm is not an exemption. Don’t make a big blunder by thinking that you can stay traditional in your approach to promote your law firm. Even the biggest firms are into it. Let Klicker do law firm web marketing for you. You are in good hands!