Fitness is of utmost for a happy and sustainable living but achieving a fit body isn’t easy. A fit body requires fitness at all levels. Physical fitness can’t be attained by a weak emotional and mental strength. Also, a healthy eating habit is essential to achieve complete physical fitness. So, in order to be fit only dieting and exercise isn’t helpful. It requires an all-inclusive approach. A perfect plan that takes of your overall fitness, that is, your complete well-being. Yoga is one such activity that imparts complete fitness. Ron Ozer says how it beads the mind, body, and soul into one string. It’s not just a method of exercise or meditation but a complete package of sustainable living. Such is its affectivity that it is often regarded as a different kind of lifestyle, altogether.

Now, this ancient science of healthy living, yoga acts on our body in a certain. There are certain beneficial aspects of it, which makes yoga the best option to achieve your fitness goal.

Enhances your bone and muscle strength

As yoga deals with a systematic process of aligning your body in different positions, it exerts a considerable pressure on your muscles and bones. There are different positions for different parts of the body. Each of these positions or asana is devised to strengthen the muscle and bone strength of that portion of the body. Thus, every asana act is a method to strengthen your body.

Increases body flexibility

Most yoga postures require a good amount of stretching and bending. This not only helps in muscle development but also makes your body more flexible. The more you practice yoga, the easier it is for the muscles to contract and relax. Thus, the muscles get their regular contraction and relaxation feature, making the body more flexible.


It helps in balancing your body

Much of yoga deals with the proper alignment and balancing of the body. The different postures and the breathing control technology allows for proper body alignment. Not only the body but your whole self-gets a sense of balancing things when you enrol in a proper yoga training course. The fact that a single type of exercise takes care of all parts of your body means that it seeks to balance the body from all perspectives. Thus, you don’t need to do separate exercises for attaining your overall fitness, incorporating yoga into the daily routine will suffice.

It reduces injury and accidents

Unlike other forms of exercise, yoga isn’t a fast-paced system rather it’s a systematic approach to doing exercise in various postures. As per Ron Ozer, the propensity for injuries and accidents during your work out isn’t a possibility in this case. Moreover, an essential part of yoga is meditation. This meditation enhances your concentration power. Thus making you more focused and attentive. Such an attentive person hardly gets into accidents and hence keeps injuries at bay.

Yoga lowers stress level

Next beneficial aspect yoga is its relaxing and soothing nature. Unlike conventional exercise methods, yoga doesn’t let you rush into things. It’s  not a high voltage fast-paced exercise regime rather it works slowly and gradually. The criterion here is to unleash your true potential by making you concentrate on your inner self. Thus, it releases your stress level making you ready for your fitness goal.