Testosterone is a hormone which is present in males and helps in various functioning of the human body. This is a natural process which is created in the human body but if there is shortage of the hormone then it needs to be corrected. This can be done by a treatment which helps to improve the testosterone levels in the body. It is artificial testosterone which is developed in the body with the dosage of Sustanon. It has many dosages which depend on the level of testosterone present in the body. The general dosage is Testosterone complex 250 mg/mL which can start to build the levels in the body.

Effects of Testosterone

Testosterone is an important hormone for the body which is only seen in males as it is developed in the testes. However, some traces of the hormone are also seen among women in their ovaries. Testosterone is not only taken to reduce the gap in the levels but for many other benefits too. This can be for body builders and athletes who wish to increase their stamina on the field. Testosterone has a great effect on the body of the athletes who always try to break the limitations to perform well in all the events and competitions.Testosterone complex 250 mg/mL is a perfect example of this drug.It is the sole reason that it is available in the market with so much popularity. It has four esters which are a compound and have amazing qualities of half-life. Steroids work on the format of half-life. This means that the drug starts to lose its strength or approximately half-life of it. The effect in the blood stream keeps on reducing or starts to get eliminated from the human body. This is not the only effect of testosterone and its half-life. The metabolism of the person consuming it is also affected along with the overall health.

Best dosage for Testosterone

The half-life activity is determined in two ways by doctors. The first one is bioactivity or biological half-life of the drug. This is when it reduces by 50% in its activity from its actual value. The second is the plasma half-life. This can be gaged by the effect in the blood stream when it reduces by half. With all these information and advice about half-life, it seems that this is an important aspect. Well it is completely right as the drug starts to wear off when it reaches its half-life. Many doctors and users suggest to take a dose now as the effect will not help in the results needed. The longer the half-life the better the drug is and the longer it will take to eliminate from the system. Sustanon has a different half-life for all the components and therefore is preferred by the users in the market. This makes it easy for dosages as you require less injections and can be better from a cost perspective. It is a prescription only drug and is available in almost all the countries worldwide over the counter.