If you are an employer who hires an engineer, then you may know that there are several engineering colleges ranging from Tier-1 colleges to private colleges. The graduates that come out from these colleges form a bulky job-seeker environment. As an employer, it is your duty to recruit them according to your wish and necessity. In today’s time, it is very difficult to conduct interviews directly because of the population of the job seekers that may come your way. So, the easy method of carrying out either on campus placement drive or off-campus placement drive can be achieved through aptitude tests.

Engineering aptitude test is the best way to filter out the undesirable low-quality applicants from the highly desirable high-quality applicants. This kind of tests can be employed in the starting of any recruitment process. Most companies usually make the aptitude test their first step in their selection procedure. There are also many companies who trust only on the aptitude tests to select the workforce in their company. It is not just important but to make sure that you get the best you should go through aptitude tests to hire engineers. The aptitude tests include – Numerical reasoning abilities, Inductive reasoning abilities, and verbal reasoning abilities etc. These types of tests help to predict the IQ of the engineer correctly. Many companies also test engineering on the basis of technical aptitude to evaluate the subject knowledge. There are many companies who assume that being in the same college, all must be having near about same technical knowledge but the thing that creates a difference is the reasoning abilities.

  • Best way to check IQ of the engineers – It is essential to recruit the best available candidates. The selection process is the filtration process which helps recruiters in filtering out the low IQ candidates. This process is the most desirable process because they have limited vacancies and they want the best to fill up these vacancies. Every company desires the most intelligent workforce that helps the company in its growth.
  • Severe competition – In this era, companies may find a lot of job seekers within a particular on-campus placement drive and it is not easy to handle so much of crowd. Due to severe competition between same qualification and same age candidates, the only method that can have their way ahead is the aptitude test. The main point is that all the persons possess different IQ levels and to pick the best candidate becomes easy by employing aptitude test.
  • High-quality engineers – It is very necessary to analyse correctly and pick the high-quality candidates from the crowd of job-seekers. This helps the company to have a high quality and dedicated workforce who complete the given work with quality. It also helps companies to access correctly the hardworking and talented workforce.
  • Fair decision – In order to maintain evenhandedness in the recruitment process, it is very important to employ aptitude test to make it look impartial from the candidate point of view.