The Earth has been a complete resource of precious metals and gems, for thousands of years, and the history of these stones divulge exciting stories about their character. Those who go back to the historical and pre-historic ages, one can find how the Greeks, Christians, Romans, and Egyptians gave the due respect to these precious stones available widely due to their mystical and spiritual properties. Going by the contemporary perspectives, acquiring these precious stones have the only bee associated with wealth and status symbols, but earlier they also had cultural and religious affiliations as well, which Rick Casper Diamond rightly points out while studying in deep about the diamonds.

However, at the beginning of the 20th century, these research works and studies have been carried forward in the United States of America. What most of these studies have resulted in is the direct connection of these stones that has been established with the birth months. Even though it was vaguely originated in Poland in the early 15th century, it was much later when the gemologists in the United States gave it shape. There’s hardly anyone who has not come across any of the myths and folklore that is associated with these precious stones and gems. And as they are being passed on from one generation to the other, they prevent themselves from dying away altogether.

Considering Precious Vs. Semi Precious Gemstones- Rick Casper Takes His Stance

Going down the pages of history, the ancient Greeks have been found to make sure class distinctions amidst these diamonds and precious stones. Sapphire, Ruby, Emeralds, and Diamonds were put into the category of precious stones, while all the rest were considered to be semi-precious. Further studies have led to even simulations where these gemstones were made in the laboratories, as a substitute for the original ones. They might be inferior to the value of the original ones for sure but are also much affordable considering the mass. However, Rick Casper Diamond has agreed to one fact about these artificially made stones- they are found with no flaws at all. However, the sparkle and brilliance that is seen in these stones are somewhat closer to the original ones.

The Therapeutic Effect of These Gems and Stones

Apart from the cultural and attractive qualities of these stones, even medical science finds some exciting features in them as well. The proper shape and highest quality stones have proved to be the most effective and also must be placed in the right part of the body.

While the diamond is considered to be the master healer, Emerald works best to stabilize individuals emotionally. Those who suffer from insomnia or feels like improving their memory can try out Emerald in a necklace piece. Ruby, on the other hand, is considered to be master of creativity and pushes in loads of energy within the individuals. Such interesting facts about these stones are subject to study, and in-depth involvement can help you make the best out of them.