Location is everything when it comes to setting up business. Where you choose to put up your business affects the turnout of your business in the long run. The next important factor in any business is how you register your business as. Most people who want to have fewer taxes, as well as debts, often choose the limited liability company structure. This gives the business owner less liability and when creditors go after the company because of debts, they can only go after the company’s assets and not the personal assets of the company owner/s.

If you combine these two business strategies, it would seem like putting up business in one of the busiest cities in the world, New York, would be a no-brainer. BUT, it’s not as easy as it seems, especially if you are a limited liability company since the state requires you to publish your company including its organizational structure in two (2) newspapers for a certain duration so that you are allowed to operate. If you don’t know how to proceed with this, try asking help from Windsor, they will cater to all your New York llc publication needs and concerns.

Rules are rules

Or in this case, state laws are state laws. Your business might limit your liabilities but New York requires you to pay for it in a different way placing notices of your business in two different publications, one daily and one weekly for six (6) weeks. This means you need to pay a huge sum of money that’s supposedly going to go to your business for these publications. The County Clerks also limit the options of which publications to choose from, this, in turn, gives these certain publications the opportunity to charge you the premium for them to print your notices, for six long weeks.

Why does the state even need to do it?

One of the probable reasons why New York has this law is that it is already crowded enough as it is and if they allow any company to just come in and do business there, it will become more and more crowded. They might have just done this to regulate the amount of new businesses coming in and it is for this reason why a lot of LLCs are avoiding New York.

Calculated risks

If you are willing enough to take the risk and put up your business there despite these requirements, Windsor is the probable answer to the problems you are going to face. Why Windsor? They have ample knowledge of State laws, procedures and policies and you might not. They also have assisted over 10,000 clients who are also registered as LLCs put up shop in New York. They will also make your life easier since they will be the ones to look for publications to print the necessary notices required of you. They also have discounts for volume publications which also means more money saved and expenses avoided, which also means you have extra money to use for your business.

Starting a business in a busy state such as New York isn’t a walk in central park. There are a lot of legalities and paperwork involved and you might just be overwhelmed with the requirements needed to be done. Let Windsor assist you in making your business life in New York less stressful.