A long queue of customers but no customer service representatives to handle them with a positive nature, mature tone of voice and a calm attitude make it a tedious job for companies to manage their business affairs. Customer service reps make it a point to handle all sorts of customer queries with smart tactics and tricks but finding such smooth talkers is not a bed of roses.

Traits to be considered for good assessment

The applicant’s assessment is a crucial job to maintain customer retention. The traits to be marked during an interview are:

  • Respect of the client: The client’s input and needs have to be fulfilled so that clients are happy.
  • Conscience-driven: Having a strong reaction towards a customer or taking decisions based on conscience make the task on hand long and tiring, which may tire the customers and eventually lose them.
  • Service orientation: There should be loyalty towards the company, an eagerness for innovative projects and a drive to bring them together.
  • Maintaining composure: A calm exterior is essential for a customer service rep. The calmer the composure, the stronger the conviction while conversing with customers.
  • Team spirit: To make progress, the entire team must succeed. A very keen eye must be used to select reps with good leadership and team spirit skills.

Here are a few tests to assess and judge the applicants-

  1. Customer Service Skills Assessment Test: Situational Judgement Tests (SJTs) are used to gauge the applicant’s congenial personality, communications skills and a level of a calm demeanour. These tests generally entail two formats: the first gives a situation and 4 possible outcomes. Candidates must choose the best or worst options. The second gives a situation with 4 possible solutions, out of which the least or most liked options are to be selected.
  2. Customer Service Role Play Scenes: Applicants can demonstrate their worth via this test. Role play scenarios can be included at the assessment centres or recruitment events. It is very important to check how a selected representative can handle unreal amounts of pressure and tackle unpleasant customers. Role play includes creating a customer and customer rep situation; whose response to the situation is judged. Applicants are often given simulations of such situations and their reactions are assessed.
  3. Customer Service Reps Interview: Interviews generally following all these assessment tests target previous work experience and capabilities of the candidate. Experience including school literary competitions and activities help candidates put up an impressive front to the interviewer, making it easier for the company to eliminate unworthy candidates.
    Some questions may include:
  • What is the definition of customer service?
  • How does a customer service rep ensure good work?
  • How do you behave in tricky situations when an angered customer is adamant on their point?
  • What measures should be taken to improve customer service facilities in the current scenario?
  • Narrate an instance where you helped a customer and stepped out of your comfort zone to get things done?
  • Give past experiences related to stupendous customer services on your part.
  • How do you work under a time crunch if a customer is unhappy?

These assessment tests for customer service help build a strong consumer service base which will boost customer interaction and aid in customer retention.